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18 April 2014
 April 18, 2014
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When you make changes, you impact your family, your community, and your friends and associates. Think of a famous FAB 5 cell phone commercial, where the 5 people closest to you are the ones you talk to the most. Well, according to Jim Rohn, famous entrepreneur, author and speaker, YOU ARE THE AVERAGE OF THE 5 CLOSEST PEOPLE AROUND YOU, which means while becoming a Tycoon, those are the people you will impact the most, and they will have to be just that  – Fabulous.

  1. Choose Your 5 Closest People Carefully!

So thank you to your Fab 5! Does it mean that you might have to let some friends become distant and find some new powerful people in your life? Absolutely! And while it may seem like atrocity coming out of my mouth right now since you are all BFFs for life, that’s not the reality. The positive and motivating people will propel you in your success and vice versa. Secret – successful people hang with successful people!

  1. Whom Do You Want to Be? Find Them!

So – find whom you want be – if you want to be a doctor – find some to spend time with. Let me tell you the other secret – if you don’t want to be nuclear physicist – and you hang out with them all the time – you will be one! So it works both ways! How many of you have younger siblings? Great, think of all the habits they copy after you? I played with trucks and tanks because I was forced to hang out with my brother! So be very careful how you build yourself!

  1. Results Are the Mirror of Your Environment

Have you noticed that if you spend time with friends who eat junk food all the time, you start eating more of it? How about if your circle goes on a run every day, don’t you eventually join them? Well, here is the truth – you will follow your environment eventually, and the environment always wins. So you have to control it at all times. If you want big results, spend time with people who want the same.



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