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3 January 2016


 January 3, 2016

I love myself too much to celebrate myself. I know that sounds crazy, and even contradictory, but over the years I found that the more I celebrated my accomplishments; whether it was getting closer to my fitness goals or performing well in my classes, the less I worked. Strangely, the more I lauded my own progress the more I would give myself excuses to slack.

I told myself that there was nothing wrong with having a little fun, that I deserved it because of how hard I had worked. I told myself that I was celebrating myself out of love for myself. I quickly learned, however, that this mentality was destroying everything that I had worked for. For example, after an entire day of clean eating, I would “celebrate” at night by rolling around in rocky road ice-cream and Chips Ahoy! cookies (not literally). Soon enough, I started gaining weight because I was eating more unhealthy foods than before. It was a sneaky form of self-sabotage, this celebrating out of “love” for myself. It pushed me more steps backwards than forward, until I couldn’t help but burn with disappointment.

The way that I celebrate myself now is through pushing myself harder each day than the day before. I only allow myself one sugary snack on Friday, and I run three times a week. Sure, I’m pleased with what I’ve accomplished so far in terms of health and fitness, but I’m not satisfied. I want more from myself and I know deep down that I’m fully capable of measuring up.

I’m very tough on myself (my mom calls me a drill sergeant) — but it’s because I genuinely and desperately love myself. I truly believe that I have an obligation to myself to be the absolute best in whatever talent or career that I choose to invest in. This requires that I abandon anything that’s getting in the way, like celebrating too often and too easily.    

Whatever goal you’re pursuing, whether big or small, celebrate responsibly—that is don’t celebrate in a way that is counterproductive or excessive. You owe it to yourself!




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