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Olenka has worked with students and adults from different backgrounds and cities. Her ability to grab their attention quickly, to keep content relevant, and most importantly to show them manageable steps to becoming successful is what makes this program special.

Invite Olenka to inspire your YOUTH and ADULTS into ACTION in 1 day or ½ day WORKSHOPS:

Do you remember what it’s like to be a teen? As a teen, you are dealing with your peers, school, adults, and the outside world while trying to discover who you are. Not an easy task, since today’s teens can also add the information overload to the mix. As a coach, Olenka listens first, and then guides teens through the series of manageable steps to enlighten and empower them to become servant leaders.

Teen Events: “Think, You Can Own Opportunity Now! (TYCOON)”

Foundations TEENS will take away from the workshop(s):

Purpose: What’s your superpower?
Mindset & Self-worth
Value of small steps
Motivation to change
Beauty of failure

Adult Program: “The Art of Raising a Tycoon”

Foundations ADULTS will take away from the workshop(s):

Must-Have Success skills (Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Personal development)
Going Lean with any teen (applying Lean Canvas Model)
Teen communication is a lot like running a business
Reducing teen anxiety
Influencing vs. managing teens (& adults)

Summer Programs are also available. Invite Olenka to work with YOUR Rising Tycoons at or call (480) 361.5052

Olenka’s extensive knowledge working with teenagers allowed her to connect with my son right away. Her friendly personality helped my son to open up and share with her things that he normally wouldn’t share with anybody. I started see immediate results after Ms. Cullinan shared with me some simple but effective techniques that made a huge difference in my communion with my son.
Maria Jones, Esq., Proud Mom

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