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20 November 2014


 November 20, 2014

Last week I was privileged to meet some true visionaries from across the globe: USA, Nigeria, South Africa, and Uganda led by CEO/Founder of Sage Global, professor Curtis DeBerg. SAGE Global is an international nonprofit corporation dedicated to teenage entrepreneurs globally. Teens, with their true free spirit, eagerness to learn and fearlessness are that next generation of leaders so badly needed globally, and most certainly in the U.S. Why should you cultivate entrepreneurial skills in your teen? Let me name a few main reasons below:

  1. Pursuit the Passion.

The beauty of becoming/being an entrepreneur is the ability to pursuit one’s passion without hesitation. This alone is a major attribute needed for a successful and happy life. There are too many people in this world working dead-end jobs or in default careers.

  1. Cultivate the Mindset.

Imagine being surrounded by successful business people at a young age? It’s that famous ‘power of association’ rule: to be the best you need to be around the best.

  1. Improve Communication Skills.

While pursuing a business venture, your teen will quickly learn that there’s a certain way to doing things in a business world, like dealing with vendors, sweet-talking customers, and networking with other professionals in the field. Hence, outside of texting, they will need to email, call, and converse in person with eloquence.

  1. Appreciate Failure.

Most likely, a teen will fail a few times at various levels while pursuing his/her dream. Failure is the best precursor to success! The earlier teens learn to become fearless in the face of failure, the quicker they will rise in life.

  1. Believe He/She Can Change the World!

When is the last time you woke up at 3am because you couldn’t wait to get to your office? This new generation of teens is truly in pursuit of better future and touching lives, while changing the global economy. And all we can do is NOT to stand in their way. The time for them is now, so just let them go for it!


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