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12 November 2014


 November 12, 2014

Last weekend, I completed my first Ragnar, a 120-mile 8-people relay race though the McDowell Mountain trails in Phoenix, AZ. I’m not the best runner, but I did it to break my own limits. As humans, we get comfortable, we learn to do things well, and we teach our teens to do the same. While comfort is important, it grounds and placates you, but it also makes you settle.  Instead, you can teach your teen to learn their limitations, and then defy them! Why – no parent wants his or her teen to grow up average. Below are some reasons for pushing your limits:

  1. Growth

With overcoming obstacles comes growth. The reality is that in life it’s you vs. you. So YOU need to win! You are bound to learn new things, change your ways, and encounter new friendships along the way.

  1. Gain Experience

While working on your new goal, you will learn new skills. You will become better in multiple tasks and realize how much knowledge about the subject you acquire in the process.

  1. Have Fun

While the initial process may create some growing pains, but the outcome will be lots of fun and happiness. Guaranteed! I mean, think about it – you just proved yourself wrong and did it!

  1. Become better friend and son/daughter

Challenges force us to exercise qualities we don’t have or aren’t good at. Maybe your listening skills need improvement, or maybe you need to support your teammates better. Either way – you will be forced to align yourself with others in order to succeed.

  1. Achieve a Goal

Make yourself proud! First, last or center  – you have increased your potential. That takes gumption, commitment and perseverance – and with these 3 qualities growing, you are bound to become the best version of YOU! 





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