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26 August 2014


 August 26, 2014

Confidence allows your teen to resist peer pressure, handle disappointments, and establish their own ground rules.  As adults, we often forget that it takes time to fully build someone’s confidence and teenagers are no exception.  After all, teenagers will have to become an independent adult at some point. These are some ways to boost teens’ self-esteem:

  1. Seek Their Opinion.

You will not always agree with what teenagers have to say/think in a certain situation, but if you treat them as adult, they will step up to that role faster. Ask their opinion on things in the household, their room, and family affairs.

  1. Praise the Small Accomplishments.

Teens struggle with so many things in life, and as adults we have to tell them ‘no’ way more than ‘yes’.  So ‘yes’ your way through a relationship with your teen. A small praise goes a long way.

  1. Appreciate the Effort.

Teens are far from perfect. They will, at times, fly off the handle and be miserable.  Try to appreciate and acknowledge the moments when they are trying to do/be better. Even if their response is short but not rude, even if they are making a small progress academically – use encouragement as often as you can!

  1. To See the Extreme Way – Watch This:




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