How to Raise The Next Generation of Female LeadersIssues with women and value unfortunately start all too early (some studies say by the age of 8) but women like Olenka Cullinan, CEO and Founder of Rising Tycoons, are making sure this trend begins to reverse itself and move in the opposite direction … a generation of young women emboldened to step up and lead like we’ve never seen.Our guest on this week’s radio show is the All-American dream.  Arriving in America as a 17-year-old girl from Russia with $400 to her name, she left no rest for the weary as she began pursuing her dreams to reach young people to teach fundamental leadership skills.   Having been raised in a culture where women are expected to take a back seat to their spouses and be the “neck to the male head of the household”, she has always had a keen interest in young women in particular.  You see, she had a mother who dreamed for daughter what was impossible in Russia and she, in return, wanted to do the same for others.Fast forward many years and Olenka has now traveled to 21 countries speaking to teenage leaders and entrepreneurs teaching them her 5 Steps To Success. Y ou will want to listen to all she had to say but here are a few takeaways.

  1. The most important quality to teens is authenticity.   If they don’t believe you are being authentic, you won’t be able to reach them and they won’t be open to counsel.
  2. This leads to the next point that goes against the old adage “do as I say not as I do” we all heard growing up.   Teens will MODEL how you act regardless of what you say.  OUCH!  If we choose them to be leaders, if we choose our female children, grandchildren etc. to own their earned value, we must model that same behavior.  When what we say and how we act aren’t in agreement, they will default to our behavior.   What are you modeling?
  3. The earned-value-based issues reside in the same place for teens as they do for us as working adults … the space between our ears.  You must be aware and control the messages you are sending to yourself.  If you do this, you are 90% there.
  4. Female teenagers must be validated as equal to men.  They must be told they are leaders, given the opportunity to dream bigger than they are currently, and must be surrounded by other smart, powerful women.

So I leave you with this, what are you doing to positively influence the next generation of women?   What messages are or aren’t you sending them? Do you find yourself messaging differently to them than the boys in your life?   As a mother of a smart, beautiful and incredibly witty teenage daughter, I know I will continue to be on guard to ensure I’m expanding her world rather than shrinking it.

Listen here to learn more from Olenka herself.

Carry on, Olenka – you are an inspiration to ALL women!  

As American capitalists, we are beaming with pride that a young female Russian has taken her place in global business! 

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