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27 December 2015


 December 27, 2015

Before you go all wild and out celebrating the end of 2015, remember that this is just the half-way mark – half-way to the finish line. So you might want to think twice before lighting all your notebooks and old assignments on fire. You may need to jog your memory after a solid month of Netflix bingeing while eating Nutella straight out of the jar. I mean— not trying to rain on your parade or anything, but we’ve still got a whole ‘nother round of homework, projects, and exams before we can dive into the safe zone.
Nothing wrong with sleeping in, you’ve earned it! But don’t let the entire day go to waste. It’s important to keep your brain stimulated and your body moving over the holiday break to avoid building lazy habits that will ruin your awesome streak once school is back in session.
Here’s how!
Make a list of all the things you’d like to accomplish before school starts up again. Tack it up someplace where you can see it easily and often (holding you accountable). Then each night before you go to bed, make a mental note as to what two things you’d like to tackle on your list the next day.
This is the perfect opportunity to finally get around to all of the things you’ve been meaning to do, but didn’t have the time to because of your hectic schedule:
1. Organize your closet
2. Try a new recipe
3. Read a book
4. Write fan fiction
5. Ride your bike downtown.
At least two! Of course, if you can take on more than that, by all means, go for it! The point is to maintain a steady level of productivity that will allow you to easily get back in the groove of things when school starts.
And trust me; you’ll be super pleased with yourself at the end of the break when you look at all of those bright red check-off marks running down your to-do list. That feeling of confidence and accomplishment is exactly what you need to knock-out the second half of the school year!

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