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8 December 2015


 December 8, 2015

Is it just me, or is the holiday cheer disappearing— almost overnight?
When I was little, I couldn’t wait for the holidays! A time for family and gifts and laughter and getting away with stuffing Cheerio, our tabby cat, into a pillow case (sorry, Cheerio) while all the moms were too busy swapping recipes and playing, who baked it best? and the dad’s pretended not to notice because they didn’t want to get up off the sofa.
But nowadays, everyone’s stressing over stuff…silly stuff. Stuff that’s going to end up in the garbage before the next year so we can make room for more stuff. Literally! This Thanksgiving, my aunt left early from the dinner party she was hosting just so she could get a head start at the Black Friday deals! Seriously?
Call me traditional, but I don’t want to spend my holiday vacation time shivering in line outside the glass doors of a Macy’s. I want to spend them indoors with my family, sharing embarrassing childhood stories and dunking cookies into milk with the heater cranked up! And I don’t want to spend seven hours hunched over the sink washing dishes because we cooked enough food to feed the entire NFL. I want to spend that time playing charades with my cousins, and stuffing Cheerio into a pillow case…kidding!  🙂 
The way I see it, if we’re old enough to identify the stress factors that are killing the holiday cheer which seems to be excessive/ unnecessary spending and cooking way too much food—half of which gets tossed into the garbage, then we’re old enough to carry out the changes that we want to be made because one things for sure, the simpler the holidays are—the more enjoyable they are. And with time, everyone else will come to realize that there isn’t a deal out there more valuable than the value of family. Simple.

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