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29 July 2014


 July 29, 2014

My grandfather always told me, “I just want you to do better in life then me!” I never really understood it until I started teaching.  I realized how much joy comes with watching your students outperform you. 

 The worst thing we can do to the new generation is to impose our limitations and experiences on them. Think – 20 years ago making a phone call on the street was impossible. Today, we do that and run multi-million dollar corporations from the beaches of the world via all the gadgets that someone has imagined.

 Would you go to a dentist to ask about brain surgery? Then, why as parents do we find it necessary to be the authority over everything? How can you teach your teen about entrepreneurship if you worked at a job your whole life? What can you teach them about SATs if you never went to college? So, encourage your teen to make the Impossible – possible. Teach them to reach out to the correct sources of information, to think bigger than you (and them) can imagine. Allow them to #BeLimitless


Remember – everything was impossible until someone did it!




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