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4 October 2017


 October 4, 2017

Stop comparing your kids to other people’s kids; they can never be them – and that’s a good thing.

Like you – your kids were born with special talents unique to them. By nature and by nurture, they have different experiences and a different perspective. They have something no one else can offer: their most authentic self.

And it’s your responsibility as a parent to help them develop and embrace this!

Is your child a math whiz? Does your budding have artistic talents that rival the likes of Van Gogh? Maybe they have promising athletic abilities and sports is their thang. Or maybe, you have a highly motivated, undeniably charismatic rising tycoon in the making.

Whatever their talent or inclination, it’s important to recognize that it’s something no one else can offer and something you can BOTH be proud of. But why stop there? WORK towards improving that skill, because no one gets by on raw talent. Even the “Greatest of All Time” athletes have coaches don’t they? It’s how you cultivate talent that gets you ahead of the competition.

Instead of comparing your child to others, which can breed negativity and serve as a long-term distraction, be proactive about bettering them every day. When they are only competing with themselves, there is no standard or limit to their potential. No time wasted on wishing they were more like (insert name here). Encourage your child to try and be better than who they were yesterday.

Simply take one day at a time and improve one aspect of their skill – it’s that easy. And if you want to know how – see here! By the end of one month, you’ll see the progress they’ve made with your guidance. You’ll quickly realize that transformations happen when you focus on the little changes that add up, every day.

Each child comes with their own strengths and weaknesses. When parents equip them the right skills and tools, together they can unlock the winning combination and define their own success! And if you need help motivating them – click here for Hows!



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