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11 May 2016


 May 11, 2016

Stop comparing yourself to others; you can never be them.

You were born with special talents that nobody else has.

You have different experiences and a different perspective.

You have something that no one else can offer…

And that’s your most authentic self.

Are you a math whiz? Maybe sports are your thang. Maybe you have artistic talents that rival Van Gogh. You might have the ability to connect easily with people and make them feel better. Or maybe you’re a fast talker and you take pride in being able to talk yourself out of any situation.

Whatever your talent, it’s unique to you. Be proud of that.

But don’t stop there. WORK towards improving that skill.

No one gets by on raw talent alone. It’s how you cultivate that talent that gets you ahead.


Stop comparing yourself to others; it’ll only distract you and slow you down.

Just try to be better than who you were yesterday.

Be REAL with yourself, and as Rihanna so deftly put it, “Work, work, work, work, work”.

When your only competition is yourself, you don’t have time stop and wish you were more like [insert name here].

You simply take it one day at time, and try to improve one aspect of your skill. That’s it.

By the end of one month, you’ll see the progress you’ve made. You’ll realize that transformations happen when you focus on little changes that add up every day.

Your strengths and your weaknesses are both apart of you, but know that you have the best combination of awesome. So, feel lucky that you are who you are! 🙂

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