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Your speech was like giving them a giant prod, wake up, stop feeling sorry for yourself, get over the excuses, what you and only you choose to do impacts your life, and you can break the cycle… think about separating your self from the crowd of motivational speakers because you are an INSPIRATIONAL speaker.
Mick Chamberlain, Principal, IntelliSchool

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Olenka’s speaking message to youth is, “Think, You Can Own Opportunity Now!” Tycoon is what it stands for, and what she believes any young person can become.

Her personal experiences, combined with laughter and years of working with young people, are what she makes available to teens to create a plan of action. Olenka has lived through about every “I-can-never-be-successful-because” excuse a teen can make. Now she teaches young people that if skills are learnable, SUCCESS is learnable too!

Topics for Teens:

Building Your “Success” Backbone
Failing Your Way to Success
Leadership – Lifestyle, not Approach

Topics for Educators, Parents & Adult Influencers:

5 Steps to Raise a Teen Tycoon
Instilling CEO Mentality & Gumption
Influencing vs. Managing Teens

Having gone through a ‘reversed Princess syndrome’ herself, Olenka worked with teenagers from many countries and all walks of life. Olenka trains adult influencers to understand the art of raising a teen tycoon, success skills (entrepreneurship, leadership, personal development) & the benefits of being associated with RT. Her ability to quickly grab their attention in conjunction with a wealth of educational experiences and peer learning are what has built up her expertise to share with educators, parents, and youth workers.

Not only does Olenka do an amazing job as a speaker, but the way she connects with her audience through her personality, humor, and personal connection, leaves an effective lasting impression!
Joe Courtney, Speaker, Author, Businessman, Pro Sports Personality

I have never meet a person so driven to motivate students to find their inspiration in life. She is confident that students can do anything when presented with the opportunity to shine.
Zakeeyah H., Student

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