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16 February 2016


 February 16, 2016

Sometimes you feel so happy as if you might start shooting rainbows out of your eyes, but sometimes, you feel so sad that your world starts collapsing around you. I have been there so many times that I can relate to that feeling. We all know that the people we love usually tell us that “it’s okay” and “everything is going to be fine.” In truth, chances are that things are going to get worse! Now, I’m not telling you to give up here because the “not-everything-will-be-fine” part is what makes us stronger. That little feeling of pain and loneliness lets us know that we are still humans. Sure, things don’t always turn out alright, but we all have our happy place somewhere, over the rainbow.

The road WILL always be rocky, full of failure, painful and all, but at the same time, you will become a stronger individual, you will learn more about yourself, and you might even meet the people that will help you get to that rainbow along the way. So no, it’s not going to be fine: you will have to make it fine because before everything beautiful comes hard work! Just remember: when you start feeling like you are lonely and can’t do it anymore I want you to know that Icare and WEcare. So put on your battle clothes and put all your strength in this journey because you have a long way to go.  Oh, and once you reach your rainbow, don’t forget to look back and laugh because that’s what adventures are for, right? Sending love your way my dear soldier friend❤

~Lois Grace


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