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15 September 2015


 September 15, 2015

It’s true, in most cases stupid decisions could have been avoided had we simply taken a brief moment to think before we opened our mouths or acted out. A lot of bad decisions are made when we respond too quickly. What’s worse is having to spend the next few weeks trying to patch up what we ruined, whether it be in school at home or with our best friends. Those of us who are pretty emotional and reactive by nature sometimes feel that our lives would be a lot less messy had we been gifted with more logical and deliberative personalities.

And maybe that’s true, however, I’d like to argue that it’s just as convenient to have more of an instinctive personality than it is a calculated one. This is because in life you’ll come across some situations where you’ll feel inclined toward doing something or not doing something uniquely because of an inward feeling that you get.

Here’s a common scenario, one day your friends invite you to hangout one night. But it’s a weeknight and you know you’ll get grounded if you’re caught. However, your parents are out and won’t be coming home for the next few hours so you have a pretty good chance of getting away with it. And even though the odds seem to be in your favor, something at the back of your mind tells you that this is a bad idea. So you text your buddies an excuse saying you’re not feeling well or you’re super busy in order to avoid sneaking out behind your parents back. And— lo and behold! By some unforetold coincidence your parents decided to come home early that night to find you, so innocently, munching on Oreos in front of the television. Win!

Although it sucks not always being able to articulate your thoughts or decision making process, this doesn’t mean you should completely dismiss your feelings. Having a strong sense of intuition or a gut feeling is just as valuable as having a calculated and collected style of problem solving. Sometimes, snap decisions are the best bet we’ve got.


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