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1 September 2015


 September 1, 2015

The best thing about a new school year is that it’s a fresh start! Yeah – this is like New Year’s resolution that starts in August – who said that you have to wait till January?! It’s the perfect opportunity to get your priorities straight, try something new, and build memories of a lifetime! Here’s how:

  1. Quit Slacking!

First things first, are your academics in check? If not, hit the books! Don’t let this be another year of excuses and procrastination. And believe me, I’m addressing my own bad habits here too! Being behind in class is pretty much inevitable when you spend hours on YouTube watching silly cat videos and tweeting the minute details of your lives on Twitter when you should be studying (NEWSFLASH! Nobody cares that you had a PBJ sandwich for lunch or that you’d rather be sun bathing in Mexico than sitting in algebra). And no matter how slick you think you are, it’s always obvious to teachers when you’ve put off assignments until hours before the deadline when they have to sit up all night grading sloppy papers. Do yourself a favor and get your work done at least a day in advance. And if you need to, find a study buddy or stay after school for some extra help.

  1. Try Something New!

I dare you—no, I DOUBLE DARE you to join a club you never would have otherwise. Be bold and join a group of people who are passionate about a cause or a sport or an art. Who cares about what others might say or being the least skilled person in the room. Try it out anyways! Whether it be theatre, student counsel, the debate team, or the chess club— choose any club and stick it out for at least a semester. Not only will this new venture drag you out of your comfort zone, but this will allow you to learn new skills that you otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to. You’ll also meet new people who probably don’t run in the same social circle as you. And sure, you may not have every itty-bitty thing in common with the rest of the group, but try to keep an open mind and expose yourself to ideas and opinions that are different from yours. And if those aren’t strong enough reasons for you, consider that colleges and scholarship panels prefer students and applicants who are versatile and diverse in their skills and knowledge of the world. And who knows, it just might turn out to be one of the best decisions you make all year!


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