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9 July 2017


 July 9, 2017

I’m an amateur boxer. I’m in love with this sport and I’m committed to mastering it, and eventually competing on a professional level.
I’ll openly admit though that boxing did NOT come naturally to me. I was a hot mess my first year! I was totally uncoordinated and had no sense of balance or rhythm. Especially compared to my naturally gifted teammates who were graced with light feet, swift hands, and amazing reflexes.
At first it irritated me that they were so naturally talented because I felt like they didn’t take advantage of their talent. They would often fool around during training or skip altogether. While on the other hand, I had near perfect attendance, demonstrated a noticeably better work ethic, and even hung around after training to berate my coach and the more experienced fighters with questions on technique and form.
Still, I was getting my butt kicked in the ring.
Thankfully, this didn’t last forever. Month after month of grueling hard work and drowning in my own sweat, I finally started to get the hang of it. And much to the surprise of my peers, I was able to hold my own during sparring sessions, and even give some of the “better” fighters a run for their money.
During that challenging first year, my perspective on natural talent and hard work completely changed. Through experience, I can say that being naturally talented at something does not determine your success at it. A hard worker who is disciplined, consistent, passionate about learning, and is determined to improve will no doubt come out on top!

xo, Rayan

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