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17 August 2014


 August 17, 2014

In America, every 9 seconds a kid drops out of school.

This number is staggering. How is it that in of the richest countries in the world, we are missing out on the opportunity to inspire the teenagers who don’t fit in the box? We are missing out on their creative spirits, their intuitiveness, their drive to dream like there are no limits.

During the teen years, the brain undergoes more change than any other time except the first 2 months of life. published a great article covering some tips to inspire the best and brightest brain performance of your teenager:

1. Teach your teen to conceive many unique interpretations of movies, books, political discussions, unsettling school or peer issues, or works of art.

2. Encourage your youth to be a problem finder and solution setter for issues that arise daily and discuss how academic content supports this expertise.

3. Ask your teenager to give you a “message” from a book or movie or hurtful experience rather than a long-winded retell without reflection.

4. Have your adolescent interpret the lyrics of their favorite song from positive and negative perspectives and do the same for your song with them.

5. Watch their favorite TV show with them and share different take-home messages for the different characters.

6. Push for a multitude of answers to a question or problem versus seeking the “right” answer.

(Adapted from Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D., Make Your Brain Smarter)

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