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4 October 2017


 October 4, 2017
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Do you remember what it’s like to be a teen? Having to deal with peers, schools, adults, and the outside world trying to discover who you are? And with modern technology, adding information overload and social media influence presents new challenges to our teen’s lives.

Let’s be honest, most adults and parents still deal with these existential crises in their own way.

At the core, teens need guidance and a sense of accountability to keep them motivated. Guidance comes through a series of manageable steps, while accountability places personal responsibility on their decision-making process. In Rising Tycoons Academy, we take them through the 5 Step “Backbone of Success method”

Most often, teens can work towards reaching goals and resolving issues to stay motivated. Whether it’s increasing their grade point average, building long-term mindset, or overcoming peer pressure, there are tools and skills that parents can provide their teens with to set up a clear path to their success. In turn, it betters the parent-teen relationship and manages stress more effectively for all parties.

During this developmental time of their lives, it’s critical for parents to be aware of additional resources that are readily available for their teens. And if you need help connecting to them – Read our 5 Methods! 


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