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26 May 2014


 May 26, 2014

Recently, I had a discussion with an incredible young man, who posed a legitimate argument that middle steps can be harder than the 1st steps you take. Middle steps can absolutely keep you stuck in mediocrity! To keep marching forward, stay away from these blunders.

  • Don’t Expect to Form a Habit Overnight

A myth about a habit taking 21 days to form is just that  – a myth.  In reality it takes a human about 66 days on average to form a new habit.  So, once you start motivation process and feeding your mind positive information to keep moving forward, don’t stop after the first month.  Read, listen, and practice small steps daily for 3 months minimum – those just might stick with you!

  • Don’t Ignore Small Victories

They say to ‘always keep your eye on a prize’, which is undoubtedly true.  However, to reach the top of the mountain, you will have to hit a lot of smaller peaks first and walk/crawl/run through some plateaus in between.  Small victories and their acknowledgement are going to keep the flow of your movement and positivity in your journey.

  • Don’t Keep All People Close

There’s a saying, “Elevation requires separation.” Think how often people you go to ask for support are the ones who drag you down!  In the middle of your journey, when stress becomes higher and a motivation goes down, you must become a master of your social geometry! The only people allowed in your circle are the ones who move you forward. No exceptions.

  • Don’t Get Comfortable Mid-step

Somewhere in the middle of your journey is where you start to become comfortable with your new habits, smaller steps, and quick accomplishments. They become the ‘new normal,’ which is dangerous.  Growth is uncomfortable all the time, so you have to add new routines and create small achievements to avoid falling back into the comfort zon

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