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17 October 2017


 October 17, 2017

Parent’s learning how to communicate with today’s teens doesn’t have to be a struggle. Instead of focusing on how modern technology has created social disconnect, parents can overcome this challenge by asking their teens about the technology they use and what features of it excites them.

Remember your obsession with your latest mix tape, beating the last level on Super Mario, or breaking your personal record on Snake on your monochromatic phone-display? There’s no question that technology is exciting and marvelous. But with today’s transformative tech, it’s easy to feel like you’re “out of the loop” and unable to keep up with the times.

What you may or may not know is that you have a little high-tech guru that lives right in your home. Today’s teens grew up in a generation where it’s normal to have software updates every quarter, reach thousands and millions of people in real-time, and learn just about anything their minds desire from the comfort of their pajamas.

Education, for example, is readily available anytime, anywhere and to anyone who has a personal computer with internet access. Digital courses that span from free, to paid, to college-level curriculum, are no longer a thing of the future. Schools, institutions, and educators now leverage modern technology to create convenient and cost-efficient programs without sacrificing the quality of content learned. And today’s teens are not only used to this type of learning, but may actually prefer it.

Instead of being overwhelmed, we encourage parents to discover how their teens embrace this innovative educational platforms. Imagine giving your teen the opportunity to learn more about their passions and interest through customized content that they can digest in their own pace. The most effective digital courses also combine hands-on projects, real-life applications, and and peer-to-peer communications for a holistic learning experience, learn more here. 

Teens aren’t the only ones that can learn. Parents can use technology as a way for their teens  to become the teachers. Be curious about the latest gadget on the market, what’s trending on social media, and the positive benefits of digital learning. Just like that, parents and teens have a common interest that both parties can be excited about! The good news is, as new technology continues to emerge, so will your opportunities to connect. And if you are looking to connect with your teens and their passion, read more in our Passion Blog! 

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