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9 November 2017


 November 9, 2017

Being “comfortable” is important at times. It grounds you and allows you to recover from the inescapable stresses that lifes throws at you. But comfort can also make you settle for something that might not be the best for your growth as an adult and it’s an important lesson for teens to learn now.

It is important to teach your teen to find their limitations, to reach out into the scary levels of their potential and find out where their skills can take them. The interesting thing about that process—once you’ve found out where your limits currently are, you can stretch to defy them!

Each time you see your teen or child do this, you will be filled with scary moments, but, as we all know, we don’t become more than average by settling for what is safe or comfortable.

Below are some tips for encouraging your teen(s) to break out of their comfort zone:

  1. Seek Growth

Overcoming obstacles brings growth – it’s a simple yet significant outcome that teens can experience when they break outside of their comfort zone.  As they get older, they’ll quickly learn that the only competition they have is themselves. So teach your teen to embrace new things, new behaviors, and encounters with others along their young adulthood.

  1. Embrace the Journey

One of the most important lessons we all learn in life is to stop focusing so intently on the outcome that we miss the wonderful things we learn, often by accident, along the way to a totally different goal or destination. While it’s frustrating when you try and teach something to your teen and they go out and learn by experiencing the very thing you told them NOT to do this is one key you can use to help them take as much out of those “I got to learn it myself” moments.

The journey can sometimes teach more than the lesson that they (or you) hoped to learn, embracing that reality can help them NOT need to go back and learn lessons over and over again.

  1. Build Upon Past Success

While we know that the initial process of stepping outside your comfort zone may create some growing pains, the outcome will be lots of fun and happiness — guaranteed! Help them remember some of the little victories that have already happened in life – learning to ride a bike can involve bumps and bruises but goodness it’s fun once you get flying! AND they can prove that they are better than they were before. They did it, make sure to congratulate them!

  1. Develop New Skills and Talents

While working on a new goal, your teen will learn amazing new skills and develop impressive new talents. They will become better in multiple tasks and realize how much knowledge about the subject they’ve acquired in the process. Parents can help their teens through the process of having to align these new skills and talents by working with others in order to grow. And life-changing success skills is what teens learn in Rising Tycoons Academy program! 

  1. Create proud moments

Teens should be proud of themselves. Parents can encourage the satisfaction gained from accomplishments because it increases their potential. Teens can practice commitment, drive, and perseverance when getting outside of their comfort zones. These 3 qualities set the foundation for your teen to experience personal growth that leads to becoming the best version of themselves.

Now go out and be a hero to your teen, they need you to believe in them and trust in their potential. It can be scary to see them push their own limits but the rewards that will result from this simple lesson can be the difference between an extraordinary life and one that is just average.

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