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18 June 2014


 June 18, 2014

Not all Superheroes wear capes… Father’s day is bittersweet for me.  My father, who taught me so much about business, success and confidence, was also one of the most manipulative and vain men I’ve known.  Yet, I have since learned of many successful business tycoons who are great fathers and role models as well. Business can get tough; it can most certainly affect your relationship with your teen.  Business creates money; children create memories and live your legacy.  You don’t have to wear a cape to become their Personal Super Hero.

 1. Listen to Their Problems.

 Things that may seem trivial to you affect your kids to a major degree.  While, as adults, we see the humor or irony in certain scenarios, teens view the world quite differently.  Don’t ignore their ‘small stuff’ as for them it is a major undertaking.

 2. Fight Their Battles.

 Yes, I know teens do many things wrong. They argue. They struggle. They ignore. They talk back. You must, despite of all these things, be on their side. They already feel alone in this constantly-in-you-face information-overload life, so it feels good to have a father who has your back.

 3. Inspect What You Expect.

 No, your teen will not be successful because you are successful. No, it is not a guarantee or birth right. You must take time to teach them steps of success, from tiny steps to major projects.  Imagine if you hired them to work in your business! It is no different in life – they still need your manual and your guidance.

 4. Invest in Quality Time.

 Giving money to buy things will not make you any closer to your teen. They are like a diamond while growing up. The more times you “polish them” with your attention, the quicker they start to sparkle. 

 5. Create Routines.

 Time is of essence to everyone. Businessmen, especially, use it as an excuse for lack of family involvement. However, the simplest routines with your teen go a long way.  You can do a breakfast once a week or invite them to coffee after school. After all, teens don’t want to spend majority of time with their parents!

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