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23 December 2014


 December 23, 2014
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As humans, we are masters of giving advice, especially when it comes to someone else.  Hence, I’m not big on sharing group advice, but a long time ago my quite old and very wise university professor shared this with me at one of her Christmas parties, “Don’t listen to anyone – just take a moment…” It stuck me over the years, as she expanded the “take a moment” recommendation:

Take a moment to:

  1. Be Yourself.

People will always tell you whom to be and how to do better, but in reality you can only be you. Be the best, most advanced and never-stop-learning version of you, and the great things will come into your life.

  1. Learn More.

Think how little you are exposed to in life naturally: most people are in a small circle of friends, surrounded by a tight circle of close people.  We don’t learn much about careers, places, and the world in general. So expand – go read, Google, YouTube and meet people to expand your knowledge about your passion(s).

  1. Be Kind to Yourself.

Give yourself a break on things. You will fail – no doubt. You will make mistakes – no doubt. You will choose wrong things – no doubt. But remember with all of those things come invaluable lessons of learning to be a better version of you.

  1. Make Decisions.

Being indecisive is a way to stay stuck! You will come across tough choices and intimidating subjects in your life – guaranteed. You will be dealing with fears and insecurities most certainly. Just remember  – all of those things last about 30 seconds! Once you decide to deal with them, head on, you will end up on the other side no matter what.

  1. Love People.

Give love unconditionally – to everyone: parents who are missing the point, younger/older siblings who are annoying, boyfriends/girlfriends who walk off without notice. Learn to just love people for who they are because we all have flaws and no one should be perfect.  Take a moment this holiday season to give out some unconditional love as gifts!



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