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29 June 2014


 June 29, 2014

I just recently came across this quote, by Mr. Success himself, publisher of Success magazine Visit Here, Mr. Darren Hardy, “Knowledge will enrich you, but only Action will turn it into riches.” It caught my eye because I see teenagers miss this point over and over again. What you SHOULD know about ACTION:

  1. Preparation Does Not Equal Success!

Let’s say you read all the right books and watch someone do all the right moves. Yet, you are just that – an observer or a reader. Unless you make a move of your own or take a step to accomplish one tiny task, nothing will change.

  1. Talking Does Not Change the Game!

Everyone talks. Some more than others. Some better than you. Some worse. Unfortunately, unless you are pursuing a career in speaking, it does not do you any good. Talking a big game does not require gumption (aka bravery).  It’s safe … and relatively useless, unless it’s followed by an action!

  1. The Smallest Step Can Make a Major Difference!

Many times with teenagers it is all or nothing approach. Wrong! This is how you stay with nothing. You tiniest, most insecure and insignificant action can often lead to a chain of events that will change everything in your life. If you take a pair of tweezers and decide to move a pile of sand into a bucket, eventually it’s guaranteed to happen! But you must start with that first grain of sand.

  1. Action Always Leads to Result(s)!

Bad. Good. Or ugly. If you act, there will be change.  There’s no way around it.  On the other hand, if you don’t do anything, nothing will happen. Remember, even your weakest action is always better than you best talk!


You can read books. You can listen to people. You can watch champions. You can cheer for them.  The answer is simple – if you want to win, if you want to be rich, if you want to create change  – YOU MUST ACT!




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