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13 October 2017


 October 13, 2017

For many parents and educators, it may seem that the modern teen doesn’t care about long-term vision or success. After all, there’s a stigma of entitlement and instant-gratification about this generation. This is a common misconception we’ve learned about our teens. They DO care about leadership and their future – it’s a matter of providing them with tools and resources that match their expectations.

“We do care about our future”.

Most teens say that they experience a lot of pressure due to what’s expected of them. School, college plans, sports, and extra curricula activities comprise daily lives of modern teens. Adults expect them to perform to perfection, forgetting the limitations of a teenage brain. As parents and educators, we have to remember that if a teen underperforms, it could be due to he/she feeling tired, sick, feeling blue temporarily or just going through the motions of adolescence and simply need a break. Not because teens don’t care about their future.

When it comes to leadership, it is now viewed as one of the most essential skill-set to have. The most effective way to create strong leaders is by developing their ability to build relationships. With modern technology and social media, it’s easier than ever to make connections with peers, experts, and like-minded individuals. And yes, you need to allow them to build the community around them; THEM, not you! 

The landscape of education has also transformed for today’s teens, where online classes are no longer a luxury, but a necessary option for educational platforms to reach this audience. Research has found that teens believe the most effective type of training for their development as leaders is predominantly online classes, with Mentoring as a close second. We used the research to implement Rising Tycoons Academy on-line for all those reasons, including live CEO Mentor sessions. 

There’s no question that today’s teens are tomorrow’s future leaders. By providing them with digital platforms and access to mentors, teens can effectively learn the leadership skills they need to compete and succeed. And they also learn independence through the process. To read on crash course for “teen independence” go here  


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