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16 October 2014


 October 16, 2014

As adults, we are always looking for the best advice to pass along on our children, and we do. Some of it is better than other, as some guidance is affected by our own bad and often cynical experiences. In my opinion, just like in business, a teen should get the best advice from different people, from different areas of expertise. The best training you can do for your teen is to push them to go talk to people. After all, you wouldn’t ask a brain surgeon for a relationship advice, right? Below is advice combo that I wish I learned in my teen years:


  1. Don’t Be a ‘Good Enough’ Anything.

I have been reading a lot of teen parenting books lately, which suggest that raising a teen is hard enough, so a parent should just settle for a ‘good enough’ teenager. I absolutely disagree with this suggestion. No teen should be ‘good enough’, as every single one is born with his/her own talent and is powerful in his/her own right. Be the most excellent, ‘master-class’ you that you can be!


  1. Find/Do Something Scary! 

This one is from Darren Hardy’s latest edition of Success magazine. ( He suggests that you go find something scary, what most people don’t have the courage to do. In reality, many things were impossible until someone did them. If you are willing to do things that no one does, you will have a life that no one else has.


  1. Always Be Different!

Mom always said this to me, “I don’t care if you are worse than others, just be different!” It took me years to realize that if you never follow the crowd, you can’t be worse by default. By being a leader, you set a set of your own standards that you must uphold, as people are watching you.


  1. All Leaders are Readers!

Best quote by Harry S. Truman, “Not all readers become leaders, but all leaders must be readers.”I know that most teens today are overwhelmed with school reading, technology, and visual information overload. However, there’s a simple truth  – I have yet to meet a successful business person (as in truly successful, with net profit in his/her business!) – who doesn’t read.


  1. Live Your OWN Life! 

From the late Steve Jobs, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” A perfect ending to any amount of advice you get from different people: no matter how wise they are, it still is up to you to find your true calling. Don’t please anyone, don’t follow someone else’s career path; instead, take your time and figure out your strengths, your passions, and your crazy inspirations. It might take longer, but it will be worth it!!!

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