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21 July 2015


 July 21, 2015

It’s pretty safe to say that all of us are familiar with the feeling of disappointment. When life throws us a curve ball, most of us get hit right in the face. Sometimes, even after putting forth so much effort, things just don’t go as planned. Like not making the basketball team even after hours and hours of working on your free throws, trying your hardest to make amends with someone you care about who still refuses to return your texts or calls, your favorite ice cream joint is being shut down despite how loyal of a customer you were, or you bombed a test you studied all week for… but eventually we get over it and move on.

And then there’s those perky, happy-go-lucky people who always seem to have everything going for them. It’s almost as if misfortune misses them by a long shot. The truth is, disappointment is inescapable, but the way that we deal with it can either drive us into depression, or rocket us into greatness. The trick, is learning how to manipulate the events in our lives so that everything can be molded into experiences that enrich and invigorate our lives. The happiest people in the world don’t have perfect, fairytale lives. They also have their ups and downs. But they’ve developed a happier mindset and through mastery of this, they’re able to manipulate their reality to best serve themselves.

Here are a few tricks we can master to help us shape a brighter outlook on life!

  1. Don’t blame others for what happens in your life. Every choice we make (which includes blaming others) can either strengthen us or reduce us to pity and powerlessness. Don’t give up control over your life! Own the events in your life and march forward!
  1. Destroy the phrase “I can’t” from your vocab and replace it with “I’ll do my best.” Think of every tough situation as a learning opportunity. Instead of waiting around for your older brother to replace your flat tire, do a little research online and do it yourself!  
  1. Don’t waste time being jealous and trash-talking those who are more accomplished than you. Instead, ask them about their strategies and adopt them into your own life so you can earn the same rewards!



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