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23 June 2014


 June 23, 2014

Teens go through many issues that seem trivial and ridiculous for adults. Unfortunately, ignoring them helps neither party. If you ignore your teen’s problems for too long – you are guaranteed a shutdown. Just like a computer – teens will stop producing data. And they will stop telling you everything. Below are some main causes of failure and options to re-start: 

  1. Failure: Your teen is a cyber-fanatic. They are attached to all the electronic devices that make their life meaningful.

Re-start: Unless it’s hurting their academic or daily performance – don’t impose strict rules on those devices. Yes, I, just like many, cannot comprehend how they can listen to music while reading. But if it works for them – let it work for them. Creating some negotiable boundaries is also a solution. 

  1. Failure: Your teen ‘hates’ you.

Re-start: Well – newsflash for you. They use ‘hate’ as often as you use the “like” button on Facebook. While it sounds emphatic and hurts you on a personal level, it often comes from the lack of communications and misunderstanding. Give them a chance to talk – however awkward it might come out. Give yourself a chance to be silent and listen – no matter how upset you might be. The results might amaze both parties.

  1. Failure: Your teen is hanging out with a wrong crowd.

Re-start: You cannot forbid them to spend time with certain people. They will get creative, lie, and find a way to do it behind your back. Have an honest conversation, but don’t accuse them of picking the wrong friends. Rather, just suggest some examples of behaviors that you are concerned about and gage their reaction. If you encourage them to think about the consequences  – they will make a smart choice. If you make this decision for them – they will rebel and ignore.


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