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3 November 2017


 November 3, 2017

Raising teens to define their own success during a generation of “immediate gratification” can be daunting for many parents. It seems that anyone at any age can now become an entrepreneur – and some make it look so easy! But it’s important for parents to instill patience, confidence, and work ethic to set a solid foundation for their teen’s unique entrepreneurial journey.

Teach Patience
To teens, it may seem that everything up to this point in their lives defines their abilities, passions, and level of success. But the truth is, it doesn’t! These things will change as teens have new experiences, get more education, and grow their mindset. So if something is difficult right now, or they are “lost” in their direction, parents can take a proactive approach to create a more positive perspective and remind their teens to focus on the long-term vision. Because in reality, there is no such thing as overnight success.

Teach Confidence
When failures and obstacles arise, who do teens blame? If they are blaming others for their failures, then they’re allowing others to control their success. Parents can reframe the situation as an opportunity to learn from everyone’s mistakes, their teen’s included, and find a solution to solve any problems. Because as teens get older, we know that life and work does not stop for excuses. Problems must be solved regardless of external circumstances. And when your teen stops blaming others and starts taking responsibility, they become more confident in controlling their own fate. That confidence is one of the most powerful assets to have as an entrepreneur. In Rising Tycoons Digital Academy, teens work with real entrepreneurs and CEOs, which allows them to build adult-level confidence at early age. Learn more here 

Teach Work Ethic
At this point, you’ve gone through a few “phases” with your teen. The good news is that for teens to achieve high levels of success, fame, or greatness, it requires a little bit of that obsessiveness. A commitment to be all “in to” something and stopping at nothing to get it. Parents can provide tools and resources to make this planning more strategic, and transfer their teens hard work ethic to business concepts and skills they can immediately apply towards their success.

Writing plans down, daily visuals, and other creative representations of specific goals is the foundation of diligence. It’s too easy nowadays to say “I want this” without having the work ethic instilled to go after it after the initial excitement wears off. Advise your teen to go the extra mile; it’s never crowded there.

When these parenting tips are applied at an early age, teens can start experiencing the long-term benefits of these values. Patience, confidence and a hard-work ethic goes beyond professional careers, and helps develop educational and personal development. And don’t forget the value of one thing teens avoid – teaching failure! You can read more on failure here.

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