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24 October 2017


 October 24, 2017

Teen entrepreneurship has become a global movement for many reasons. Teens, with their naturally authentic spirit, eagerness to learn, and fearlessness, should be cultivated at this very time. More than ever, the demand for competent leadership for future generations exists, and satisfying it begins with the development of entrepreneurial skills for today’s teens.

Benefits of Teaching Entrepreneurship to Teens

Driven by Passion

Teaching our teens that they should pursue their passion is easier said than done. Parents and educators can provide tools and resources for teens to take actionable steps towards their goals driven by passion. Having a career that is fulfilling and impactful is a major attribute to one’s success and happiness. Future leaders should be exposed to more career options than those motivated by money or security.

Positive Influence

It’s no secret that kids and teens’ decisions are heavily influenced by their parents, peers, and educators. Imagine the value we can provide our future entrepreneurs if they were surrounded by businesses-centric professionals who can share the journey of challenges and successes with them. For teens to reach entrepreneurial success, they need to be around those who have achieved it. The “Power of Association” is not a new concept for adults, but is worth starting early for tomorrow’s leaders. Powerful circle of mentors can change a teen’s life forever, and this is how Rising Tycoons Academy implements mentors – learn here. 

Overcome Fear of Failure

When pursuing long-term goals, teens are bound to experience varying levels of success, or lack thereof. They say “failure is the best precursor to success”! The more we shelter teens from experiencing failure, the more they may fear taking risks that can lead to success. By getting teens comfortable with the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship, the earlier teens can learn to fail fast, and rise quicker.

Entrepreneurship should be taught to teens so they may pursue their passions, begin cultivating a business mindset, and appreciate failure. Fortunately, there are more tools and resources available than ever to teach teens business and success skills they need to be tomorrow’s leaders.

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