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23 October 2014


 October 23, 2014

Do you realize that we spend 2 out of every 5 minutes of every day on AUTOPILOT? Think – we don’t have to put effort into brushing our teeth, eating breakfast or driving to work. We just do it out of auto-habit. I read this article by Tom Corley in the latest issue of Success Magazine (* link to the full article is below). He has spent years studying habits of rich and poor people. The results are staggering due to a simple 16 habits that all the overachievers grow into habits. Teens need to adopt these:

  1. Live Within Your Means. (Teens should learn to save allowance, understand the pros and cons of credit, and practice having a bank account).
  2. Don’t Gamble. (77% of those who are poor play the lottery. Rich don’t belive that luck brings wealth!)
  3. Read Every Day. (Start by reading the full article at -(
  4. Control Your Emotions. (Not an easy one for some teens, but small steps count!)
  5. Spend Less Time Surfing the Net. (Unless it’s school or work-related, it creates zero value.)
  6. Network/Volunteer Regularly. (Teens can learn more from other real-life professionals then from books. Take a chance!)
  7. Go Above and Beyond at School/Life/Work. (If you bring value to others, it will increase your own worth by default!)
  8. Set Goals, Not Wishes. (Goals have deadlines and a plan of action!)
  9. Avoid Procrastination. (Yeah… that last minute thing adds way more stress into a teen’s life!)
  10. Talk Less and Listen More. (We have only 1 mouth but 2 ears for a reason. )
  11. Avoid Toxic People. (People whom you spend time with define your life.)
  12. Don’t Give Up. (Never!)
  13. Set Aside Beliefs that Hold You Back. (The only limits you have are the ones that you imagine you have.)
  14. Get a Mentor. (They must be more successful than you!)
  15. Eliminate “Bad Luck” from Your Vocabulary. (Tycoons make their luck. They accept responsibility for everything!)
  16. Know Your Life Purpose. (There’s a simple exercise to find out your main purpose in the original article. Do it!)





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