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14 July 2014


 July 14, 2014

As a society we are often trained to chase the big dream, the big vision and the big picture. Everything is becoming super-sized and instant.  While you should keep your big vision in mind, you cannot achieve it without tracking your small steps, which we so often view as ‘routine,’ ‘annoying, ’and ‘insignificant.’ Start re-training your mind early to realize that the more value you SEE in small steps, the more value they will BRING to building your success!

  1. They say that overnight success takes 10 years! Every person you admire had to take step 1 to be that famous athlete, businessperson, singer, actor, etc.
  1. You may not start well, but if you don’t start – you will Never finish!
  1. Appreciate the small steps – repeating them helps you build effective habits, one of the most valuable traits in life.
  1. Recognizing value in small steps will keep you focused on the now – what are you doing today, at this moment, to make your life better? 
  1. Small steps keep you committed to a bigger goal.
  1. Small positive steps every day create a different routine of your life path.
  1. Reaching a goal is like climbing a mountain – no matter how trained you are, you cannot just end up at the top without taking series of steps.
  1. The big vision may seem overwhelming at times, yet, if you concentrate on one single step at a time, the stress level goes down immediately.
  1. Your steps are your journey to the final destination, and unless you enjoy the trip, the destination no longer matters!
  2. Unless you see one step beyond your temporarily failure, it becomes very easy to walk away from your big goal!




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