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What does it take for a teen to be successful? A cape?
Super powers? Being born into a family of Rockefellers?


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Olenka founded Rising Tycoons, a success program for future leaders, to empower young people become CEOs of their lives. Having worked with youth from 21 countries, Olenka speaks at conferences, schools, and assemblies, teaching teens and adults powerful success skills:
Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Personal Development.

She Turns Adults into Chief Tycoon Makers. She Turns Teens into Tycoons!

Olenka did not shield either student from their personal realities; rather she encouraged and supported them in many ways to help overcome their challenges through self-reflection and positive actions, appropriate to their situation.
Dr. Joel Laurin, Special Projects Director, Creighton School District

I think Olenka is a phenomenal educator and motivator in her own right!
Dr. Robert Hill, Director, Talent Search Program Mt., San Jacinto College

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